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Hello, stranger. You happenned to enter my humble weblog, may you find out something interesting here, even if you probably didn't mean to get so far. The weblog is ... austere (yet?), it is oriented just to give the needed functionality without all those curles and whistles. Maybe this partially reflects even my personality, but certainly not entirely ;-).

So far, there is no navigation here, you just enter and see all the entries. When the entry count will raise a little, I will work out something, but it's useless for now.

Short memo Thu Feb 10 02:32:44 2005

Just that I'm alive. I finally brought my chrooted Gentoo installation back alive, after being throw into a deep coma by removing unicode from the USE flags list. See bug 78313 in the Gentoo Bugzilla if you ever were to do it.

PSUs are dying at work. We lost at least three PSUs in two weeks, while there was like one PSU exchange in the few past months I work there. Looks like an epidemic, some order of PSUs comes out of its lifespan or there were bad AC conditions in the building (we recently also had few power outages and all the machines were reset, possibly after running nonstop for a long time). Replacement of the third PSU prolonged this afternoon and caused me to miss an appointment with a customer I'm writing some software for. I'm rather worried, he sounded upset, but I really needed to replace that PSU. We will see how it works out tomorrow (well, today) when he's gonna call... :-(

I'm attacking the Math Analysis fortress with full force. Slowly chewing through all the definitions, theorems and especially proofs. I hope to finish the first "overview" pass until noon at tomorrow and then begin systematically checking my knowledge according to the exam requirements. There is so little time left... :-(

Heh, the blog entry comes out rather gloomy today. But I'm an optimist, as always! :-) I've painlessly arranged me being off from work for the first half of second week so I'll be visiting my family in Jihlava, I haven't been there for a rather long time. But more about that on Friday. I think I'll skip the tomorrow's entry, for obvious reasons. ;-)

Technician Tue Feb 8 01:38:05 2005

It's actually a very interesting experience to be an IT administrator. You get to look at the computers from the practical side too - you actually see a SATA disk cable, don't regard digging in a power source and replacing a broken fan as anything exceptional, and so. You also meet a lot of Windows boxen and thankfully also plenty of Linux machines (with RedHat 9 or Fedora - though I have to admit I would sometimes (I mean, rarely - but still) like Windows more there).

Fedora TUI admin tools are a nice example how not to do a text user interface. It was apparently just coded to wrap up the graphics interface and "feel" the same way - except that you will frequently have only the keyboard at your disposal, and the nightmare begins. The controls are awfully awkward, you need to always tab to the submit button (but sometimes use arrows instead), moving between fields just feels strange and an urge slowly develops to get yourself a hammer. Big massive hammer. Especially in the case of the Disk Druid, shall it be condemned from the disk forests for all future times.

I don't know, Fedora seems to be just strange to me. I prefer KDE to GNOME (for irrational reasons), and Fedora is pretty gnomish. I wasn't able to find any notepad-style editor in the Redhat menu (the thing equivalent to the Start menu ;-). I want a shell as soon as the installation CD boots up - it doesn't give it to me until after it starts the actual installation program. The yum thing seems to have at least double startup time compared to apt-get on my Debian notebook, which has half the CPU clock of my work machine. I guess I could come up with more stuff...

The Faculty of Math and Physics I study and work at has its buildings spread all around Prague, which means you can read a lot of nice books during your study - what else to do in the trams and buses. I work in the building at Mala Strana, where is the computer science section of the faculty. At some evenings, instead of just taking a tram I like to go through the Mostecka street, over the Charles Bridge, then making my way through the Karlova street, finding myself at the Staromestske namesti (the Tyn Church looks absolutely stunning at the evening, myriad of small turrets and towers all lit in a yellow or white light, looking like an ancient middle-age castle from some fantasy movie - it is hard to take photos of it in the darkness with my crappy camera, though :[ ). Then I go through some lesser known streets to eventually arrive to Namesti Republiky, where I can already take the tram.

It's a very nice and refreshing trip, and marvelously beautiful and romantic too. The churches are monumental, the streets are narrow and darkness covers the cranky pavement (ok ok, it's not cranky - but it should be! :). Of course the only problem are the tourists. Before Christmas taking this trip would be suicidal, you would've drown in the avalanche of oddly speaking people. Few days after the New Year, it got very nice - the streets were almost empty, everything calm and silent. It's still acceptable now, but it's already getting worse, more people are in the streets and it probably won't get better until the early fall or so - and who knows, perhaps January is the only relatively tourist-free month? :-(

The Math Analysis exam is drawing near. I should get to work, I guess. ;-) I still need to consolidate the transcripts - I would also like to send them to the professor ASAP. That's a lot of work and learning still ahead, and I'm not idling too much at work neither these times. Well, we will see.

Severity: enhancement Mon Feb 7 01:24:06 2005

I've made few changes in the weblog thing related to discussions. Discussions are now sorted in a much more sensible oldest-to-latest order, email addys are shown mangled, your personal info is stored in cookies and you get email notifications about replies to your messages. I also made some more hidden changes I doubt anyone will notice. ;-)

BTW, for the Czech readers: You might find this spammer warning ("cease and desist" notice) useful to scare the Czech spammers ;-). I sorta like legalese, it's fun to write... as long as you really aren't liable for anything coming out from it.

DTR (Dull Technical Rambling) Sun Feb 6 01:15:37 2005

Do you hate it too that Advogato keeps escaping my (I mean, your ;-) cute markup like the <kbd> and <code> elements? It's annoying, but I'm too lazy to dig into mod_virgule to fix that (what a funny name, anyway). Advogato seems to be at its vesper anyway; the frequency of weblog postings at least dropped drastically compared to the last time I checked about half a year ago.

cdfrey recently talked about how painful web programming is. I agree that in general, web programming can be a PITA at least for the start. However, after you gain some experiences, you usually stabilize on some framework which suits you and actually makes your web programming not too painful at all. I for one eventually stabilized on a rather quite trivial framework consisting of few custom Perl modules I just carry around. They wrap the boring parts of page generation and the most boring SQL (if you just want a single row, something like sql_load_record(dbh => $db, table => 'foo', bar => 'baz') can make doing stuff really much more pleasant. mod_perl makes the Perl-generated stuff lightning fast, too. I also tend to separate functionality rigorously and have a special script for almost every page and action; I heavily modularize all the common parts, and I found this to be much more maintainable than a single big script with some smart multiplexing etc.

I will hopefully soon finally get back to my Graph-Layderer project - an attempt to create a general infrastructure for layouting and drawing graphics. It uses the famous spring algorithm, which also e.g. Graphviz's neato uses. However, my set of Perl modules aims to actually create something which is also at least a little visually pleasing, which you can't really say about Graphviz's output in general (read as: it tends to look like crap and frequently it all collapses and gets funnily mangled together; unless they made a dramatic improvement over the last year or so). It should be workable, I only need to make an actual interface for it and probably some script wrapper so that non-Perl programs can use it too. I'll need to check about the Perl Artistic License's compatibility with GPL, too.

But today I had another nicely unproductive day - I did almost nothing, and did that very slowly so it took all the day. The worst thing about me and those days is that instead of getting my ass from the chair and going for a walk if anything, I keep sitting at the computer and devastating my eyes. I'll need to have a serious long talk with myself.

A green-blue Gentoo blues Sat Feb 5 04:16:04 2005

I feel the urge to teach! Pretty funny. Well. I would so much like to try it... I think I wouldn't suck at it (but I never really tried before) and I really love sharing my knowledge, more so in an interactive way. I will surely try to apply for teaching some practice classes for Unix next year. Teaching Programming practice classes could be interesting but OTOH I hate the idea of having to deal with massive amounts of Pascal code. Teaching Internet would be just boring, I guess. And teaching Discrete mathematics practices would be well over my head, at least so far. So my only hope for now is an unofficial thin-circle lecture on efficient bash (well, readline applications in general) and vim usage I was offered to someday hold on the campus. ;-)

I've been playing with Gentoo again. I've made my first ebuild, filing few bugs along the process. The ebuild tool is really awfully confusing for a newcomer. For some funny reason I kept writing /usr/share/portage instead of /usr/portage, so after some encouragement from #gentoo-bugs I decided to change my PORTDIR and see what will break. ;-)

There are some other rough edges I'm slowly discovering; on my TODO list I have an implementation of emerge -T which is like -t but shows the dependency tree with some asciiart, not just indentation (I find the indentation pretty hard to process by my optical brain centers). Also, when I'm doing a big many-packages emerge, I would like the summary of all package "installation notes" to be printed at the end, not scattered during the process where it is extremely unlikely I will ever read them. In the longer term, I want to investigate how well are the binary packages supported etc. I hope to finally learn at least some of the Python along the process. ;-)

BTW, in order to get dvifb to work, I had to restart gpm from inside the chrooted Gentoo system. But don't ever do that through the "standard" way - that will cause the dependencies to be triggered, it will happily remount your fstab (causing live filesystems to be remounted, bypassing the safety checks somehow) and so. I will try to make the system pretend those things were already done so that I can slowly restart all the stuff inside the Gentoo chroot so that I'm sure everything works when I do the final switch. I might try to switch bind to Gentoo tomorrow and also build my custom qmail ebuild (without dependencies on the other djb stuff like daemontools, which I dislike a lot).

Another BTW - if you also hate the bind9's host utility, you may find my comparison chart against bind8's host useful. On the new Gentoo system I just installed some standalone host utility whose output seems to be rather bind8-like. There are some glitches though, i.e. -al might not produce a valid zone. I might do some patches. ;-)

I will have to investigate all this funny trackback stuff, RSS feeds etc. (But it looks like at least those of my blog entries also forwarded to Advogato should have RSS feeds. Note however that I forward only articles which have prevailing technical contents which might be interesting/useful for the Advogato audience.) This weblog site could do with some CSS facelift, too. (Note to self: Remember to check why's CSS causes everything to be centered in ELinks.)

Also, please feel encouraged to tell me about any grammatical errors or awkwardness I will commit - please help improve my English! :-) (I will have to once write up about me, writing, English etc.)

Dum-tu-dum-tu-dim-ta-dum-dwamm-dum-tu-tam-dam. I should go sleep. Now.

Living on my console Fri Feb 4 11:46:24 2005

I've read this very nice article calling for a console distribution few while ago, so I decided to followup on my blog. I think I have some things to say, using the Linux console (virtual terminal, virtual console, Linux terminal, call it how you like - just the thing your system scribbles its startup messages to; I'll further call it just "console") almost exclusively on my home desktop and exclusively on my notebook. Some popular console applications also originate from my software stable, namely ELinks, which I've originally created (read as forked from Links) and been maintaining until this autumn. So much for the self-advertisement. ;-)

I manage a Debian installation on my notebook and I simply refused to install X there. And sometimes it was pretty challenging to edge my way through the dependencies forest so that nothing I really want and is in fact for console doesn't depend on X too. It's basically impossible for SDL applications with both X and fb backends (unless I compile them myself). Eventually I gave up and let it install the xlibs. I still don't have any X server or so there, but so many things were linked to xlibs even though they had framebuffer frontend too, that I decided the disk space is worth it. The situation is generally getting better though - i.e. gnuplot-nox depended for some reason on gnuplot-x11, now it only suggests it. Of course it is more complicated with games, since even SDL-based ones which should work fine in framebuffer often depend on xlib (I'm sorry that I'm unable to come up with a specific example now since I have my notebook at work right now).

On my "desktop" home machine the situation is of course better just because I have a LFS-based own distribution there. So I get to decide what goes there and what does not and what links against what. As I said in my previous blog entry, I'm migrating to Gentoo which also has this sane dependencies advantage, so it seems things will go fine there, too.

So, how is life on the console for me? Well, I'm a programmer, not typical office computer user. So I never really needed any office suite for console since I simply doesn't use any. If I need to write something pretty-looking, I usually do it in TeX, and wvWare mangles most .doc files to some usable format successfully. Otherwise, I indeed can live fine with vim, Mutt, ELinks, irssi, mpg123 and ADOM ;-). I've been doing some TeX work lately and got some specs in PDF, but fbi (comes with fbgs so that I can watch .ps and .pdf files, too) and dvifb handle it all excellently. (Well, fbi still has a long way to come, because it is pretty much unusable for viewing i.e. photos since it does not support rotation well; I will start producing patches soon, I think.) Note that without a framebuffer (that is, if you have a video device w/o accelerated framebuffer), you can alternatively use dvisvga and zgv for these tasks.

So, am I ever using X? I don't have an X server on the notebook, so not there (and never needed it yet). On the desktop machine, I have to spawn Mozilla for some webpages - but much more rarely than you would say. (I usually went the ELinks-Links2-Mozilla path in the past but websites not working in ELinks didn't work in Links2 more often than not and since I got a faster machine this intermediate step really wasn't worth it anymore.)

Otherwise, long time ago (before I got a graphics card supporting framebuffer and VIDIX) I had to use X for movie playing movies, but CVIDIX is simply excellent so I don't need X for that anymore. X can be useful for debugging SDL applications (i.e. OpenTTD) - even though they run fine in framebuffer, it's difficult to gdb them there :-). And the only other thing I run X for is XMMS, since has a nice alarm plugin with fadein. I used to use mpg123 + at before, but this is more convenient; I could live without it, though. I also used XMMS for doing some transcripts lately. I patched mp3blaster's splay utility so that it does some seeking too, but it is not fine-grained enough for transcripts and I was just lazy to touch the patch ;-).

So, I live on the console and I'm happy. I don't mind using X when necessary, but it really isn't needed but very rarely. The writer of the original article wondered why an office suite isn't an itch for any console developers. I guess that if you are already "hardcore" enough to live exclusively on the console, you just won't need to do office stuff in office application, since you can usually mine the contents from the office formats and write own office-like documents in some markup. And regular users are scared of the console anyway. >:)

Sparkling Fri Feb 4 01:26:59 2005

Here I am. Another seven months passed and the urge to write has caught me again. A nice way to recapitulate for me, too.

So, what's up with me? I'm out from the gymnasium (high school) and in the first grade of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. And it's not going too bad - I have successfully passed almost all of the exams already, and I'm quite happy from that (especially since my preparation for the exams was horrible, and I mean that; talk about time effectivity to me ;-).

One exam is worth mentioning - the written exam of the mathematical analysis (the spoken part of this exam is the only [and probably the hardest] exam to go for me, not including some hopefully relatively trivial stuff; please wish me luck on next Friday). I didn't really expect anything from it as I spent only about 0.5 to 1 day preparing for it, so I thought I'll just go try it and check how it goes in practice and then to rule on the second attempt. Well. It turned out I was the best from that week's group.

Of course I was absolutely derailed. I didn't have too good feeling from the exam and didn't expect to pass - I must've made plenty of numerical mistakes, I didn't make well use of the available time etc. So I went totally euphoric when I got to know that. So, who needs narcotics when you have the math analysis?

What I disliked few whiles later with a clear mind (through an autorun background process analyzing the events while sitting in the tram) was how I behaved - I must've looked so stupid with my "wow!" in front of the professor (well and that was probably an overreaction of the analyzing process, too ;-). Of course it's obvious that we subconsciously take over behavioural patterns from people we meet, and not only those we "admire" in any sense, but even from those we feel reserved to.

When we model ourselves to reflect the people we want to be like, we talk trying to sound like them (intonation, words choice), we walk like them, we try to think like them - we see a successful person so we try to be like it. (I think there's nothing bad on that; being original is nice, but it can do harm to you too and be annoying for those around you. And you probably don't have only a single model, so you are combining several models and behaviour patterns together and thus implicitly engaging some genetical mixing processes on the behavioural level - and the result already is original.)

Then, in a moment when we don't control ourselves sufficiently, we may notice that we behaved like some people whose behaviour we don't like at all. It's just like our consciousness takes the path it has learnt passively from the dire day-to-day observation of those people. OTOH at the very moment you notice that, you've made the first step to fix that.

Otherwise, there is not much to talk about, I think. I'm not really doing anything too interesting currently, my ECMAScript work on ELinks is stalled. I will start working on a hexadecimal editor which I chose as my "term project" for the Programming subject - contrary to other such editors, it will have full and efficient support for extremely large files (2TB not a problem! :-) and efficient support for the insert mode, and of course it will have some other nice gadgets attached. For my Internet term project, I've chosen the perpetually-work-in-progress BlueCode, hopefully it will bring me to finish it; if not, I could always submit e.g. this weblog. (Look for multiple levels in this tangled loop. ;-)

I have been working on tunneler - a hardcore shooting game from the DOS times, shiny and networked for Linux! I won't better post the CVSROOT to the web yet, though, since it's still a heavy work in progress. Note that I engaged in the project after it was started and I didn't originally make the most of it (although I've touched a modestly significant part of it). There is a disrupting story around that which I will probably have courage to uncover only much later in the game of life, if ever. :-(

And so I've been installing Gentoo lately. I've bought this new shiny 160G disk and another 256M of RAM (makes up 512M in total now!). I'm migrating from my custom LFS-like distribution Sinux-P (based on Sinux) - I can only recommend that to anyone who wants to understand the Linux system holistically and become familiar with the every tidbit of it - but it gets tiresome after few years. I'm still a source code junkie and I hate compile-time optional dependencies being forced on me, so Gentoo and emerge was a clear choice and I indeed kinda like it. There are of course some rough edges and I already have few own itches I will need to scratch, so it looks that I will be slowly getting more involved.

And last about the weblog itself. I finally made it XHTML compliant, I hope I won't break that right away with this post - I try to write XHTML compliant stuff but typos fight against me. I've discovered Perlmyadmin (with the help of Magon) along the process and it looks really cool - I've been using it to update the older weblog articles to fix some markup glitches there. I only had to touch its innards so that it escapes evil characters when throwing them from the database to a textarea. It's sad how common fallacy amongst the web applications (e.g. mine) it is to assume that a textarea contents is going to be used verbatim and the SGML escaping rules don't apply there. Then your escaping is usually lost in "waves" - in the first edit stuff is unescaped expect for &amp;lt;-like constructs, which get unescaped anyway during the second editation. I call it textarea derivation with respect to SGML entities.

Have fun!

Freelance. Wed Jul 28 22:30:50 2004

I've tasted really freelance life for the first time, I was living de facto alone for about 10 days lately. I like it :-). One of the important things I like is that I control my physical body input, which is difficult when you live with your mother ;-).

I'm watching beautiful movies in the TV, I discovered there are some there. I've just watched Mercredi, folle journ?e. But well, most films leave deep impressions in me, perhaps I need to be more trained in them ;-). But this is one of the more impressive ones - not extraordinarily beautiful, but still very beautiful and deep. It's a light but insightful comedy about parents, but especially the kids, the relations between kids and the relations between kids and their parents.

When freelancing, I just sink into the world of media. I started buying newspapers more, I discovered very interesting ones I will probably subscribe to when in Prague. And I listen to BBC more at the morning and in the late afternoon, CRO1 during the day and now I'm checking out CRO6 at the evening - they seem to offer some interesting program, looking at things from unusual angles. (I'm not after music but more after news analysis etc. That's why I like BBC World Service so much anyway, when they aren't running some of their horrible music programs [except the BBC Prompts]. ;-) Actually, it wouldn't be that bad to be the BBC Czech Section web editor, but I really do not hold my hopes right. I'm not even sure whether I will have enough time for it.

But this all means work as well. So I'm now coding a Nagios-like (but quite different) router monitoring application for GTS (as usual ;-), it's progressing well and I hope to perhaps re-sell it to more people later. Here is where ideals and practice crosses and I'm in deep dilemma right now. To resell it or make it free? I will write more what I think about the "commodity software" later. I intend to again keep up the diary for at least another few days now.

Ok, so this entry was about me for once. I will focus the next entries on the things I work on and some hopefully interesting ideas the next time, so it makes sense for you the fellow readers too :-).

Early in the morning Tue Jun 8 05:07:03 2004
What shall we do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?

We had a goodbye party with the high school class. It was rather fun although one guy who I wanted to stay much longer departed quite early, well... At least we managed to get some teachers quite drunk :). So in three hours I'm going to the school to teach there for them, that will be fun >:). I'm quite looking forward for seeing what will develop from this.

From the party we were going with some friends around the city, then walked through the whole city to the TESCO and back, and now I have three hours of blank space and I dunno what to do. Sleeping would kill me, it's too early to start to dope oneself with energy drinks, so now I'm staring at the astonishing visual patterns developing from scrolling huge amounts of text through less, listening to Rammstein's Spieluhr. Wow.

So I'll continue reading Gibson's Count Zero. Not so bad reading, but not so similar to Neuromancer as I thought (which is a good thing - I enjoyed Neuromancer quite a lot but it's good to see that Gibson is showing some variation in his work; this book is not so philosophically deep [well, ok, depends on how you look on Neuromancer :] but more "mystical" and also skips the drugs, I didn't like that parts too much).'s three o'clock GMT and these are the latest BBC headlines.
What to do with the life? Fri Jun 4 02:23:44 2004
Grains of sand is all we are,
crawling on our manic star,
one person in one shiny car.

This could be the theme song of mine right now. So beautiful, impressive yet existentional and gloomy. I passed my mature exam on Tuesday (with the best possible result; in fact it wasn't so challenging but it's also true that I had quite a luck for the questions) and now what? Suddenly, the formal goal of eight years of life vanished, and I float in a strange space of nothingness, idle and motionless. I had these days once upon a time but not so intensively as now. Not even remotely so. Far from it.

I had so many plans and enthusiasm two weeks ago. And now? I can't move on, I will need to start some recovery process, I guess by reading some books and just getting so workless that my hackoholism will turn me back on and bring me to doing anything real. I'll read some Gibson, maybe some Pratchett, some Shakespeare, some Dickens and especially move on by another 100 pages or so through GEB.

And well if you think I was any kind of a study-maniacal schoolboy, well... I just wasn't, I didn't care at all. Well I looked at some Math before the mature exam (it didn't go as fast as I thought) and started to learn intensively only for Czech --- a day before the exam covering 4 years of education (well and I picked up a question which was so dead simple that I didn't study for it at all). The other two subjects weren't an issue.

So, I didn't care before so why should I care after? I don't really know. I'm probably just getting of the safe shelter of high school, moving by yet another piece to the real life. And I dreamt how much will I enjoy this.

Well so I always dreamt about doing so many various jobs in my life... I want to know, get a feel of it... I'm going to the university in September but I can already start now :-). I'll probably ask at the student job agency here about a job in a hypermarket, at the cash. I always hated these people (1) not to greet me when I greet them (2) to be so moody (3) to be so gloomy. So I want to try how does it feel like from the other side.

Our high school class cluster ourselves (well at least the core part of it :) in various pubs etc. I was never going to pubs a lot but I was going down to the town (well not exactly since I do live down in the town) time by time. And I'm really enjoying this as I feel that it's only now I really get to know some of the people I was going to the same class with for at least four years. So I just discovered three black pearls in three shells, three friends I had and didn't know off. I don't know how good friends are they and I don't want to measure them. I guess some wouldn't keep up through the hard times, while some would. I hope I would keep up through their hard times and that is what matters for me.

Some of the melodies bring me a very strong sense of loneliness. Still, they are so extremely beautiful. So then comes the mix of sorrow and exciteness and impression and hope. Will the life bring what the youth didn't?

The kindred spirit of candle lights. Sleep with me tonight. Deep with me tonight. Sleep...

I will, because without sleep there are no dreams and without dreams what sense does the life make? But first I gotta do some reading, remember?

Minor update Sat Feb 14 01:38:50 2004

I'm sorry that I didn't post any updates lately, but basically I had to do other things and started another massive time waste, and I started delaying next posts after this and that and the BlueCode release etc. Well, let's see.

BTW I got finally invited to Orkut few days ago, so it was another timesink for a while. It's amazing to see the social network emerging around you and see that you are just one or two nodes away from very interesting people. OTOH the communities I'm interested in are a little less... attuned to my carrier frequency ;-) (or rather vice versa).

So right now we agreed with thement and left IRC. For some time at least. Gotta do useful things, really. So, finished writing another sequel to my CVS series for, and now time for BlueCode.

The surprise is always there, even right near end of the journey Thu Jan 15 00:58:08 2004

[Boring school part start (just skip it ;)]

So, on the last Real School Report (in this half-year; then, only the mature exam report will come to follow), I will have the first note of 4 in my life (on a school report, that is).

The Czech school notes system is that 1 is the best, 5 is the worst, and it scales variously between. I never did worse than 3 on the reports, and was pretty embarassed even of the 3s, back then ;-). But the last time I will get such an report, I will have one note of 4 there, for the first time.

It is from Biology and I pretty honestly believe that it's absurd. We were just having ONE written exam for the half-year, and whatever you get you have on the final report, which violates even a few rules of the school system (where it is said that you need to have at least two notes, preferrably three at the minimum). But we have the schoolmaster for Biology, so he can do whatever he wants, and it's tough when she's an... well. No comment.

In fact, I didn't really care anymore, I gave the corrected exam paper just a blank stare when I saw the note on it. It is not my profile subject (that is, anything which would really matter when getting onto the university) neither would it carry my reports average over any significant threshold. So who cares, when it's the last year? And I couldn't do really anything about it anyway, she said there's no way how to correct it. So why to worry at all?

Otherwise it wasn't too bad today, I was writing quite exhaustive and tiresome exam paper from Math (vectors and analytical geometry in plane and space). It wasn't hard, but full of really long and exhausting computations (and well, I didn't have a look at it at all so given that it is a revision from a year ago I already forgot few details, but the book of math tables we are allowed to used and which contains most of the useful formulas came to help). At the end of two hours marathon, I had just one sign in one part of a vector wrong, otherwise it looks like it's all ok, so I'm really happy I didn't make any more significant mistake in the whole thing.

[Boring school part end]

Besides, I was watching The Virgin Suicides (no, that is not any porn; and imdb is strange, I can't see how this could be a Comedy in any way), as someone recommended in his diary entry on Advogato (unfortunately I cannot remember who it was; if you read it, please tell me; we really need a way to do a full-text search over the diaries ;-). And it was really a great movie. Very emotional, and relieving in some strange sense. Quite sad but I would not say depressing, unlike some "sweeter" ones. I do not know how the director achieved this, but she did it really well! I think I "liked" (it sounds cynical in the context of the storyline but I mean it in the artistic sense; basically what touched me most) especially the start part, and then the ending from point when Lux was forced to burn her records and ending by what happenned when Lux left the visitors in house alone (carefully worded to include only minimal spoilers). I didn't pay much attention to the final party so I lost the story there a little, but I'm certainly going to watch this again anyway. Certainly a must-see.

Now I'm getting Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin and then Citizen Kane, I really wonder how it will feel like. They say these are the very best movies at all, and I have no clue what to imagine under than, how will they look and flow like etc. So I'm looking forward for finally seeing them :-).

Otherwise some fixing of GTS scripts and I also really finished both seminary works today. Tommorow afternoon I will take them to the copy shop and by Friday I should have this whole thing finally sorted out. I hope I will get back to doing anything interesting on Friday, and it will be ELinks. Besides finally releasing 0.9.1, I also hope to get a peek at few ugly bugs together with Jonas, and I will write some simple TODO list for 1.0.0; Bugzilla is good for tracking bugs but I think it is too clumsy for a simple major features list which you could have all the time in front of you.

Thanks to Slashdot, I have read some Tog's articles about proper user interface design etc, and it inspired a whole chain of new ideas in me. I've dreamt about writing my own clone of FluxBox which would follow the guidelines presented there, and doing something with the terrible UI of GIMP (others who did some research said there's currently no project working on redoing GIMP's UI; on the other side even others said that the development branch of GIMP made a huge leap in this aspect; I'm sure someone informed on Advogato could follow up, please...?). Well, whatever, you know the dreams :-). I have so many dreams that I don't know what to do (I mean which to fulfill) first (regarding the software ones, of course).

I'm so lazy to properly hyperlink my diary entries, I'm sorry.

Dull times Wed Jan 14 00:28:57 2004

Sorry for no posts lately. Basically, nothing really overly interesting to write about happens, however that doesn't mean I'd have too much time for diary writing (actually, I have never enough time to write, otherwise I could write my thoughts on so many stuff...).

Today I was on another Math Olympic round, this time category A (aka Pure Math). Well, it doesn't look overly good neither, we'll see yet. But I think I have no chance. And I could be well right on that one, for one.

It was a terrible day today, I really couldn't focus on work :-(. So I at least wrote another few paragraphs of my article at the evening and now I'm in the middle of finishing another bits of my seminary work of Math. And my bandwidth is all taken up by downloading a movie. I'll write about it tommorow, when it'll be finished.

rsync --stats --partial -v -v --progress rsync://'The Virgin Suicides [DVD-Rip].avi' .

600178688  80%    6.48kB/s    6:17:49
BlueCode hacking Sun Jan 11 02:29:14 2004

Oh well, for the Advogato guys I hopefully finally fixed the XML-RPC export. We will see now ;-). For the people I should probably finally implement the paging. Especially since I'm doing so many web stuff now (yes, BlueCode is a web thing; mod_perlish in particular).

I've spent most of the day hacking BlueCode. If everything goes well, I suppose I could even have it ready as soon as tommorow for some first very experimental testing! Yesterday I implemented the basic "taker" relationships, today I fixed them, implemented discussions and did generally a lot of polishing, tommorow I plan to implement the concept of projects (and their categories). That's the absolute minimum for making it doing anything useful, although it could be theoretically usable yesterday already (besides a few bugs ;).

But oh wait you do not know what BlueCode is. You will know tommorow (if I will finish the projects thing; I will also probably release ELinks-0.9.1, and do some school work - especially I should really finish the Fibonacci essay - so maybe I will finish the projects concept on Monday). But on the other side do not expect anything earth-shattering. I hope to catch few eyes though.

Otherwise I started by again oversleeping, this time the Toulky ceskou minulosti (I had been ranting about yesterday) broadcast. They moved one of the re-runs on Saturday so I wanted to catch it. Oh well. Speaking of this stuff, I really like the newsman Vladimir Moravec (currently working for BBC Czech, where he is having great interviews with various people --- it is uncomparable with the rest of Czech publicistics I think, one gets a feel how should the moderators talk with politicians and you actually know something new after the interview. It looks he will also be having own half an hour (or hour?) in the Czech National TV on every Sunday. I'm looking forward to see that.

I've been catching up on some mailing lists, ie., usagi or big part of lkml and gcc and ietf mailing lists (most of them go back unread to autumn (Sep to Nov), but some of them have backlog of almost a year!). I think I will proceed further in the next few days. Otherwise I also joined some channels on IRC where I wasn't for a long time, to refresh my memories and meet again with some great people (Zarb, in particular :). OTOH I will have to partially reshrink the channels count soon because currently it distracts me quite a lot from the work. I'll see yet.

Overslept Sat Jan 10 02:10:02 2004

First, as you can probably see (if it's all working as it should), I've improved the Advogato XML-RPC push a little. Now, the links etc should work fine, and you Advogato people can actually see the caption somehow.

I've overslept today. I woke up at 8:45, and I decided it makes no sense to go to the school anymore (only to P.E. and then one class of English). So I slept on to about 11:00 ;-). I usually attend the school relatively regularily (unless I'm sorta ill/sick), but it's getting worse with me by time.

Then, I released ELinks-0.9.1rc2, because the rc1 release was of course messed up (and besides, some interesting bugfixes appeared during the night). I got surprisingly negative feedback by some people about the compile-time configuration switch from ./configure arguments (except the very major stuff) to feature.h (sorta vim-like). So I opened a thread for it at the mailing list, we'll see how it turns out.

Looks like they've released Linux-2.6.1. I like Linus' jokes. I think the maintainership workload split with Andrew did him very good, at least judging subjectively. I think his mailing list activity raised by few hundred percents (minimally) and his writing seems more relaxed :-).

Otherwise, this was another lazy day. I got some new TODO items from the GTS people, I checked whether Ariadne is still working somehow (it is) and otherwise I was slowly working on BlueCode. It is already basically usable but some vital features are still missing for a public release.

I was looking forward for listening to "Toulky ceskou minulosti" in radio (it's very interesting broadcast about Czech history, I've became addicted to it), but they stopped broadcasting it at this time! (I'll have to tune in on Thursday afternoons, which sucks.) I was seriously annoyed and it disrupted me quite a lot. But coding is a very good cure for bad mood, from my experience.

ELinks-0.9.1-rc1 Fri Jan 9 00:37:00 2004

Not much new today. I've glanced at the official solutions for the Math Olympics --- it's not looking exceptionally well, it is less similiar to what I wrote than I expected ;-). I was also watching a BBC document about weather (wind, in particular). It was quite interesting, I didn't know about the jet stream at all.

Otherwise, I was in M-Soft (computer shop / small ISP) doing another seminary for its workers (I'm sorta contracted so that I'm taking care of their security [more or less, well ;] and do various things they can't do themselves for them and I get free net [64kbps microwave] from them in exchange). It boiled down to ratelimiting Postfix, some SpamAssassin dances and then fixing Debian installation over there to upgrade their kernels (while the system there was still hand-hacked RedHat, it was running 2.2.25 and I didn't have to worry about things like mremap()! ;-).

Oh and of course I've released ELinks 0.9.1-rc1 today. I originally planned to just roll out 0.9.1, but when I saw the huge amount of changes from the last night and today, I decided to let people catch at least the most obvious mispasted-code bugs. Go ahead to test it if you want ;-). It will bring various bugfixes, progressbar in status, new compile-time configuration (the ./configure parameters were getting out of hand so now you tweak feature.h), support for saving and restoring a session etc. Jonas is already the main driving force, which is good. More power to him! ;-)

The problem with me is my love for surprises. I really like making (hopefully pleasant) surprises for people, and because people also read this weblog (what a brave assumption), I can't speak out freely even here. However that doesn't matter, from the large part writing a diary for me is important because of the reflection, and usually I write this stuff down anyway, then I realize I would be telling things I shouldn't, and delete it again ;-).

Olympics and school Thu Jan 8 00:27:49 2004

Sorry for lack of update yesterday, I was quite tired because of too little sleep and it's same today. So briefly about yesterday, basically I was attending the Czech Math Olympics - category P (Programming). It was the regional round, and there usually aren't too many people there from this region --- we've been six or seven at best. It's the Computer Science style, that is not those stupid "Code silly mouse-clicking detecting gadget in half an hour" practical exercices (I've been on few as well). You had just paper and you ought to describe your thoughts and write your program there. The tasks weren't easy.

Actually, one thing I really hate is writing computer programs (in C or Pascal or another computer language) on paper. It just seems really stupid. They are here to program computers, therefore they should be written into computer. On the other side, they were mostly really just suplementary to the algorithm description, which was the main challenge.

The last year, I thought I did it rather well. Then my best rank was IIRC five of ten points in one task or so. Thus I'm better quite sceptical this time, but I still believe I did better than the last year. I certainly didn't reach the most optimal solutions in all tasks (at least in two I know I'm being suboptimal), but they all should work. Let's see. It's quite important because if you're good enough to progress to the national round, you're also automatically enrolled to MFF of CUNI CZ. That's really tempting and a good motivation. Maybe I'll describe some of the problems from the regional round later if I'll be in mood and have enough time.

Ihaquer confirmed my 2.2 theories, it is indeed not vulnerable.

We've been celebrating the Orthodox Christmas this night.

I'm currently mostly working on BlueCode, chattering on IRC, reviewing few ELinks patches (and I implemented some really simple quick'n'dirty <object> tag support) and now I should be sleeping. Tommorow I'm gonna visit my beloved school again.

I should implement paging of my weblog page (it's already over 100kb), and I should maybe insert some small automagic footer to the XML-RPC message sent to Advogato that my real weblog is elsewhere and only selected entries are cc'd to there (or here, depending on your POV ;). But I'll do that after I will actually sometimes submit some non-technical entry which would have nothing to do on Advogato.

Now I should yet have a look at the History stuff we're supposed to take an exam from tommorow. Bah. (Roughly) 1400 --- 1620. That's gonna be fun. And I should finish the missing bits of my seminary works. I'm translating one piece from Douglas Hofstadter's GEB: EGB in my seminary work for English (I must add some one-page introduction and closing for the translation); I'll be writing about that marvelous book in some other entry surely. The other work is to Math, I'm doing some general overview of Fibonacci (and related) numbers there. It's really just browsing the net looking for interesting stuff. But now I'll be doing only some practical applications (it's easy to talk about various occurences in nature, then some applications in art etc) and a little bit of history (Bonacci, Lucas, ...).

Kernel vulnerabilities in 2.2? Mon Jan 5 23:59:45 2004

Woohoo, I've actually finally added at least some workaround to always reconnect to the db, this should temporarily fix my weblog page being blank besides the caption most of the time ;-).

Okay, I've planned to do various great stuff today. Well, regarding that, nothing came out of it (as usual). Oh well, I've wrote one paragraph for my article. Otherwise, well, I'm not exactly sure what have I been doing, I can remember some more ELinks reviewing, and some IRC idling.

Then, I've noticed that Linux-2.4.24 came out (fixing the mremap() vulnerability), so I had at least some fun for the evening. First, I was hunting for the vulnerability in 2.2 tree, as it was suggested by the advisory. However, when trying to backport the 2.4 fix (not Linus' 2.6 one, which is quite general and potentially having some side-impacts, so I'm afraid to port it to 2.2), I've found that sys_mremap() in 2.2 is missing that concerned code at all.

Basically, (supposedly) the exploit relies on ability to pass newaddr to mremap(), but in 2.2 mremap() doesn't take it yet. So the only alternative to exploit that is to have the new address automatically assigned by mremap() (and the new address would need to be "dangerous" one). However, that's impossible because new size of mremap() must be zero for the exploit and in that case, mremap() would always just munmap() it. Possibilities:

  • There is something I don't know about.
  • The advisory is mistaken and the 2.2 line is NOT vulnerable.
  • If it is vulnerable and I'm not even more misleaded, the 2.4 fix is not complete.

Anyway, mremap() looks dirty, maybe some other vulnerabilities will be discovered in it soon, some people say they are on a track of something. Quite possibly nothing will come up from it, though.

Then I was cleaning up the Kernel's homepage. Basically enhancing w3c compatibility and tidying it up a little. Now I'll just sit and watch how hpa rejects or drops my patches ;-).

And last I was talking with Dave Weinehall, and he said that he'll make 2.0.40-rc7 available later this week (-rc6 is from May 2002) if everything will go well. Great to see 2.0 still maintained.

And I'll be sleeping for only 6 hours again. Screw it.

Sleep? Sleep! Mon Jan 5 01:06:25 2004

You know, I committed myself to so many great things today. I slept very little last night so I promised to go sleep early (between 11pm and midnight, hah!) today, I'm going at school tommorow again, after two weeks of Christmas holiday (I'll write some more about last-year school pains in some other entry). And I thought I'll be reviewing some more ELinks commits (well I did but far less than I expected) and be fixing some ELinks glitches (well I did but far less than I expected). And I wanted to do some more BlueCode work (will be worthy mentioning only if I get back to it and then you'll read about it for sure in another entry as well), I did none. At least I finally fixed all the GTS bugs I knew about.

Pah, this CIA thing is indeed pretty time-consuming. But I'm finished with it, I'll just fix bugs in my CVS CIA client from now on! And I also did some hacking on my own CVS commits-over-mail announcer (which I consider the best one available by now [I'll be happy to be presented by some better one so that I can catch up ;], except that it doesn't support CCMAIL and CVS_SILENT [yet]).

My current plan is pretty clear. First BlueCode, then PaVS (how I'm looking forward for that). That mixed with random writing articles for (high-priority) and leading ELinks to 1.0 (lower-priority). And that intervowen by doing stuff to earn some money, of course (that is GTS hacking for now). Bah. Well, yes. There's the school as well ;-).

Sister's birthday Sun Jan 4 01:39:37 2004

My sister had her birthday today (5 yrs old). She got a nice toy cooking set, some crayons etc - only few presents, she received most at Christmas already ;-). And she'll have her name day in two weeks! Well, we had at least a good tasty cake, done by dad - he can do great cakes.

I didn't do so much as I wanted today :-(. Most of the day I was doing some annoying debugging for GTS (my logic is rather complicated and sick in one part of the exchange alarms watching application I'm doing for them), and I didn't fix it fully yet, so I'll have to finish it tommorow :/. Otherwise, I was working together with scanline on converting to talk XML to CIA and we were successful.

Also poked Advogato again, and rated few other people, and marked myself as involved in another few projects. It's funny how the web-of-developers works, it's not easy to browser through people certifying themselves and not hit someone you know (as in you at least talked to him through IRC or email directly) every few nodes. Maybe it's sad, but I guess one of my mid-term life goals is to benefit the OpenSource community enough that people decide I attained the Master level (which is rather just a motivating factor for finishing the large number of started projects of mine to some usable shape).

XS26's noc machine again dead, it seems, I jsut randomly poked it when looking for something. Sad state. I don't think I'll get myself largerly involved again, noone is really interested it seems. Zebra sucks ;-).

*yawn* Fri Jan 2 18:36:13 2004
I'm spending my time writing articles for (and aimlessly reading various web stuff, for that matter). I've picked up the continuation of my old series Trip to the versions realm, talking about RCS, CVS etc. And I start to get back into it, it's fun, but quite exhausting and time-consuming. Also some ELinks stuff going into CVS reviewing, I need to focus on that more, to get 0.9.1 out of the doors reasonably soon.
Another try Thu Jan 1 17:21:38 2004
New year (2004, for those who don't know ;-) came, and I decided to try again. I will try to keep my writeups small unless necessary, and write only really interesting things. Trying to regulate myself, of course. It won't be like each-day-one-entry, but I will try to keep it regular and it could even be almost every day. Let's see.
Tetriquake Sat Mar 8 01:42:29 2003

Duh, I'm not keeping the quotas, too bad. Well it's not much to write about, after all. The school was quite nice this week since a lot of ppl wasn't there (mainly teachers ;). However it's not going as well as I'd wish, I'm not getting pretty notes from some sometimes rather ugly subjects :|. I should maybe do something with it, dunno what yet, though ;-).

I've been relaxing by playing quake and tetrinet again lately. I suck in both, but in the tetrinet it is not that terrible now and I did quite well after all this evening. Quake is agressive bloody ugly dark game, I know, and I don't like it for it. But I felt a need to get the "win excitement", when you successfully frag someone (which happens only minimally in fact, though). I get the same feeling when having something sucessfully done, but that wasn't the case neither lately :-(. The upper bototm of the sine wave is still not coming.

Security levels are still slowly going on, but it's not as fast as I'd wish and I already want to focus on other things like proper SCM for kernel and ELinks etc. I will finish the security levels first, though.

Sorry for being so brief today and total lack of anything interesting, I just wanted to keep up my promises (and silence jikos ;) and write something here. It's late night for me now already as I'm tired from focus at tetrinet >:).

Number sequence Sun Mar 2 17:16:47 2003

Let's have this sequence of numbers:
13112221, what's the next one? (--clock)

Well I've been trying to form various more or less complex relations between the numbers, then looked at it again and stopped comparing column by column but just reading the numbers. It's annoyingly simple. Digits are always in pairs, one digit representing frequency and second the parent digit, thus in the second line we have 11 because one digit '1' is in the line above. In this line are two '1' digits so we write 21. Now we have one digit 2 and one digit 1, thus 1211. Etc.

Noothing beeing doone Sun Mar 2 00:51:46 2003

I did practically nothing today again, it's getting really annoying, but I couldn't figure out which kind of blow I need to get. Maybe I'm just losing interest in computers and need something entirely different to do, but I don't like that idea, no way :-). I did some progress on second part of the SCM serial for, but it is still not being done, grrr.

I thought I will finish it this evening, but Tibetians arrived and we spent the evening by talking. Umm, well. Time by time one tibetanist, Zuzana Ondomisiova, is holding some lectures and talking with diapositives in the local teahouse. And as a coincidence, she was attending the same grammar-school (interesting, could I use word gymnasium in this context? my professor is saying all the time that gymnasium means only ... drill-hall, but my dictionary says it could mean a middle Europe grammar-school as well) as my parents were, and they are still good friends. In fact my parents (esp. my father) were attending also courses of Sanskrt and Tibetian language (uh-oh) as well at that time.

Her husband (who is here as well) is Richard Erml, who is dramatic critic (reviewing for Divadelni Noviny) and a causual writer. It is quite interesting to end up talking with people from quite a different society (not better or worse, just different), it is kind of refreshing and gives oneself a different POV (point of view). Hm, maybe I will end up at a local theatre tommorow ;-))).

FYI, we've got a president, Vaclav Klaus! I cannot say I'm happy, but I cannot say I'm particularily sad either. It's good it ended already and there could be a plenty of much worse possibilities, in fact altough V. Klaus can be frequently quite annoying and opinions of him and me differ radically, he is certainly a skilled politican and I believe he could do the job well, especially as Czech president has only very little real might and is rather a representative. He's now talking very calmly etc, I'm not going to be fooled but still I believe he will behave in a way to be eventually elected the next time as well ;-).

That's it, I guess. Tommorow I have to finish that article, get some progress in security levels, find the history schoolbook, maybe put together something about Ireland for the Geography class and try to go through (un)certain integral computation again. Hmpf. Damn. I feel quite down because of missing History and Chemistry schoolbooks :-( --- these ones weren't that cheap and especially they are of the ones we are actually using, and using heavily in case of History. It's going to be a trouble, if I won't find it anywhere I will maybe even have to buy a new one. I think the History schoolbook just got lost, but I believe someone took the Chemistry one, as I've left it at school over vacation and was sick then etc and it wasn't there anywhere when I've returned. That makes me sad, I have no idea who could do that.

Frustrating factorial Sat Mar 1 02:24:09 2003

Frustrating. I hadn't have a good day today, not really. First I started not to win absolutely in our school gomoku matches I'm having with one friend. Then at P.E. classes we were playing football (I mean soccer) and I committed long line of stupid mistakes, resulting from me degrading from not so bad goalie to a clueless twit. Then back in school, I was examined from Civics --- otherwise this wouldn't be a big problem, we are doing Philosophy this year and I can't say I would dislike it that much, and even better I was asked about Emannuel Kant. I didn't ever seen it, I was missing when they were learning about him. Critique of clean mind and some generic babbling was the only thing I was able to emmit :-(. And then, tired from running around mad at P.E., I've lost another gomoku game by a bit evil trick of the friend, distracting me enough not to paying attention to the game anymore.</excuses>

Actually I can't say I would hate P.E. I was hating it when we were running N km or doing stupid things with some strange sticks, but when playing some game (especially football ;) it's kind of different. It is relaxing as you are brought to necessity to solve different kind of problems than usual, it is good physical excercise which is incredibly important with my lifestyle and it's still fun. And it enhances sense of teamplay which I consider very important as well, art of keeping together. People frequently either love it or hate it. I can't say I'd hate it but I would be lying if I say I love it, as it can be frustrating again not to do well (especially as I'm frequently a goalkeeper which is making me very nervous) and I feel really tired after it. But that's the part of it.

Interesting theme brought by jikos. Compute how many trailing zeroes has 240! (that is factorial of 240; actually I consider this notation a little disaster in math, why not to use prefixed !240 instead? seems so much clearer...). Oh and you have to use only pen and paper (and possibly a calculator), in fact it was part of some entry exams ;-). Interesting challenge. Where the zeroes come from? From having 10 (or multiples) as part of the factorial, obviously. You have 24 of them there, right? But that cannot be everything, even 6! is already 720. Oh well, 10 can be 2*5, as well. And 2 could be obviously further encoded in any even number. There is 120 even numbers in the factorial, 106 without the tens, but there is only 24 five multiples (the odd ones, we are counting without the tens already), and you can use each item only for one 2*5 pair, thus you will have 24 such pairs. 24+24 is already 48, that seems pretty complete already. But not so! Imagine 25, it's 5*5 --- normally you would take it as an usual 5 multiple, making one pair from it, but wait, you have two fives from it, thus you can create two pairs! So let's add another 9 pairs, that is 57 pairs of total, and add another one for 125 (5*5*5). That is 58 2*5 pairs, meaning 240! should end by 58 zeroes. Note that I actually discovered the 25 trick only by looking at the result and noticing it doesn't quite match, otherwise I would have missed it.

              define f (x) {
                if (x <= 1) return (1);
                return (f(x-1) * x);
Just hacking without dramatic finale Thu Feb 27 01:04:30 2003

It wasn't all that bad today --- we have school starting later each Wednesday, we usually don't do anything dangerous there and if you will count in the flu epidemy... well I've practiced Ultima Online in our lab ;-) (along of usuaul school slashdot and megatokyo reading).

I've discovered that my hostfs patch was finally included in official Jeff Dike's UML patch, whee! Also published my article finally, altough they changed the blurb :-( (okay it was maybe too long). Otherwise I've been touching security levels today again and then discovering the dark kobject stuff so that I could introduce it to LSM core and then properly export sysfs interface for the securelevels. So far I'm in state:

Security Scaffold v1.0.0 initialized
Security subsystem registration failed.                       <<<<<<<<<<
Dentry cache hash table entries: 4096 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
Inode-cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
Mount-cache hash table entries: 512 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
Kernel panic: Segfault with no mm                             *COUGH*
In idle task - not syncing

Where does all the time flow? Could it be possible that really IRC consumes it all? Scary.

Accidentally I saw part of some film at TV, story of evil mother trying to kill her son's wife so that she'll have her son for herself again. Utter nonsense, dramatic one though. What I don't see is purpose of such a film. The finale wasn't all that dramatic compared to some sections before and no morale is clear from the film, there was nothing to laugh at, the whole thing looks quite sensually wrapped into itself as IMHO nothing so evil and absurd could happen IRL. Hrmpf. It's probably mainly the not-quite-that-good finale which left the disappointed and unfed feeling in myself, something else or more clear-cut still like has to come or...

Sleepy note Wed Feb 26 00:40:52 2003

See, I didn't forget! :-) I'm going to be brief, I'm really tired today :-(. Receiving not much sleep lately and that's not good. On the other side we are doing not much things in the school, "thanks" to the flu epidemy which is raiding CZ; it followed about me curing ;-).

I've visited optic's today, she checked my eyes and told me that we'll stay on the glasses I've now, that's a good thing; it costs not that little money ;-). And dioptry count is not raising and that's a good thing as well, after all. The worse thing: then I followed (when reading KSP summary book, good reading!) to Ericsson Service Point and ... they've kept my mobile phone. So I'm now without cellular, going to have a forced de-dependency therapy ;-).

Otherwise I spent today reading the KSP summaries and thinking about algorithms, watching the Simpsons (today's episode was really bad, I feel disappointed and unfed :[ ) and mainly working on Linux Kernel LSM security levels implementation. I designed structure of the levels scale and I have already some code almost ready for a test compile and run, altough it's really trivial. You can't yet even change the security level at runtime, which is quite... ;-)

I feel I'm writing incomprehendible nonsenses already, so I'd better stop :-). Uff. Good that weblog entries don't have rating, this would hit the bottom I fear. I should write the entry earlier. Well, at least I didn't forget completely :-).

Promises, dummy life and disappointments Mon Feb 24 22:56:30 2003

Umm. It looks I keep forgetting to write this weblog, evil. I set myself a quota which I have to fill, every day at 22:00 (or just around that time) I should write at least something short to the weblog, fullstop. Man I'm so lazy and weak willpower-wise :-(. I feel that being one of my weakest points, I should strive to improve. So let's start with this :-). BTW I decided to write possible purely technical entries separately and cc' Advogato only for these entries, it will be probably better. There was some meta-blog somewhere counting references to various weblogs, hmmm. Well I won't register there (or whatever one has to do) yet, it's nothing to really read here yet ;-).

I'm living mostly a dummy life lately, without counting helping some newbies at various channels at IRC, watching my mailbox and playing piano. I couldn't bring myself to do anything real lately, and I'm starting to be really worried as the creativity wave valley should already slowly rise. I hope I will finally move with the security levels thing at least. And I should try to say 'I' less ;-).

I had a look at the winners list of the Czech Math Olympiade, me missing from it as I already mostly anticipated --- my work was not really worth it, as it usually ends when I do some contest for the first time ;-). The annoying thing is that it hit me in my another weak spot, I was still quite disappointed, hoping secretly for it being otherwise (as you may guess, I'm lazy --- to do the entrance exams this time). Also it is confirming the fact killing my personal inner hype of me being good in what I want. The problem is that I live in an environment which is not hitting me hard enough to forcibly dispel this thought from myself, so it's being stuck there, and altough I do dislike it, subconsciously I try to fortify it. And I try to at least widen my interests, counting from kernel hacking and system administration thru politics, history or philosophy to literature and music composing. Stupid fitness. I want just to be happy. I suppose everyone has to go through it, meeting self-reflection beating him down. Obviously it could be helping him up, but then I think he is losing the respect to others and the personality growing from this is not nice at all. Then I'm glad for this (see how silly I am comforting myself? ;-).

Striving for the PDA... I am thinking about Zaurus more and more, looking desperately for some programming task to get enough money for it. So far I am slowly collecting money for some german server reinstallation and I will get few crowns for my articles for, but that one does not even count; I do not write the articles for money, that would not pay off. Rather to share some of my knowledge ripe enough, and when admitting myself and being honest, the usual effort to raise on the reputation ladder. Yeah me evil egoistic bastard, kick me kill me.

I write about versioning systems, mainly RCS and CVS but at the end of the serial I want to talk a little about some others as well. Oh yes my investiagations about the versioning systems I mentioned sometime ago. Well they were took by my idling as well, I will return to them after getting more progress in the serial and when I will have security levels finished, possibly when returning back to ELinks development.

Yes, ELinks. And ELusive. In fact, from the perspective of few weeks not working on it, I see it being probably too big, complicated and over-engineered. Once again it looks the best approach would be gradual rewrite of the original engine, rematching it to better interface, splitting it apart and modularizing it, but complete rewrite from scratch stops to look as the way. When returning to ELinks, I think I will focus on viewer and HTML engine modularization, but won't do that much changes inside of it (although ie. CSS would be nice to have). People will have to wait with JS and cool speech output, it looks. Rather I would like to have tabs support there (it would be easy with viewer and document abstraction I want to have) and some of the other w3m features (the 0.4.0 release is really impressive, and I think it's touching ELinks' feet already; scary!). And that's all, not each 0.x.0 release has to be so feature-overloaded as (ELinks') 0.4.0 was. Well I think Sergey could start to work on graphics support in 0.5pre already after the modularization will be in enough progress state. Anyway I will have to yet think about ELusive reduction. Hmh. I fear more memory and less speed, gaining things which could be accomplished differently maybe.

Concurrently Versioned Rant Thu Feb 13 03:40:18 2003

Yippie! Finally made XMLRPC export to Advogato working --- I can't say that either XMLRPC::Lite or RPC::XML is any well documented, the opposite is truth rather and it took a little of googling and trying random approaches to figure out how to make at least RPC::XML working reasonably. I have to admit that it isn't really that ellegant as in Python, though.

Advogato people, please tell me if you will feel that my overly long, elaborate and boring rants are unappropriate for Advogato and I should rather keep them to myself (there you could also leave your opinions in discussion theoretically available near each entry). Oh and also apologies for the empty entry I have submitted a while ago, I thought naively that I could delete it afterwards. Hmm, actually I could implement these two features (deleting of diary entries and discussion attached to them) in Advogato, what do you think? Would it (especially the discussions) be feasible?

Aside of the usual IRC idling and submitting new hostfs patch for 2.5 UML, I didn't do that much today. I started to resurrect my activities (and unforunately pretty much the only activities) at XS26 a little, repairing some more broken db entries, taking care about some users crying for a long time already and playing with few peerings. I think I should finally allocate few days for a completely rewrite of the software, releasing it as opensource, finishing support for dialup users and user BGP4+ peerings, fixing up the routing and bringing XS26 to as much MIPP as possible and reasonable. So much to do... is it even worth it? Is it going to actually help enough people?

One of the main problems is actually with the routing software. Plainly: we use zebra now, and it sucks. The NL PoP which enables our virtual presence at AMSIX is disabled now due to zebra eating all the CPU there, ospf6d likes particularily crashing and going into infinite loops as well, bgpd is probably the least problematic nowadays but sometimes it does strange things as well. And time by time, the whole zebra suite happens to read from some blocking fd and hang happilly. Zebra just apparently can't keep up in mixed Linux/*BSD environment (that shouldn't be much an issue, though) with relatively big (around 5000 entries) and very dynamic (entries flying in and out with average frequency of one change per minute or so) routing table, at least not for us. Hacking it seems pretty ugly job due to nature of the bugs, which are difficultly trigerrable and unreproducible, happenning seemingly randomly. But what are the alternatives? I know only of BIRD, which would have to be told about IPv6 OSPF (we are using OSPF for choosing routes between individual PoPs and BGP for all the other routes) and the *BSD world.

I've been thinking about some usable enough versioning/revisions keeping system, when becoming annoyed about CVS for another time and thinking what to migrate ELinks source code to and what to use as a suitable platform for tracking of my bunch of Linux Kernel patches (maybe it will be best done manually anyway, it seems... I will see yet). Why I don't like CVS again? (sorted roughly by importance)

  1. The concept of changesets (tracking of whole commits and ability to work with them compactly) is totally absent --- that is particularily annoying during the daily work and pretty much defeats the version tracking ideal.
  2. When merging two branches, intermediate history between the branchpoint and mergepoint of one of the branches is lost, being compressed to one compact diff applied to the other branch. You lost possibility to individually track the evolution of the branch, revert various specific changes etc. This flaw becomes particularily annoying when you are merging with someone else tracking his working copy of the project privately, so you can't at least go and stuff the original branch revision numbers to your CVS to get the needed diffs (see also below about distributed development).
    Being able to merge a branch repeatedly without any problems is obviously a natural requirement as well.
  3. One cannot move and rename files reasonably, I mean without losing history.
  4. Treating directories too specially, being unable to remove them, move them etc. Also the directory structure should be versioned if possible. Let me also stuff here that having 'CVS' subdir crying at you there could be disturbing for some people :^). I can't see reason why it can't be ./.CVS or ./.cvs ...
  5. Dumb permissions system. You can't finegrain permissions gained to individual developers over branches, files etc.
  6. (At least partial) absence of metadata tracking --- files permissions and ownership, in particular. Symlinks and other special files storage is included in this point as well.
  7. It has problems with binary files. Ie. binary diffs support is missing.
  8. Ineffecient communication over network, and usually hackish (pserver) accomplishing of this communication at all.
  9. Absence of distributed development support, where people could easily track their personal copies of the repository and doing what they need there, then being able to ask the maintainer of the central project's repository to revisit their changes and optionally pull them all or only some changesets back to the central repository, where they would merge intelligently without not losing the history. Obviously per-branch write permissions and intelligent merging alone could do, but the branch number could grow in an uncontrollable fashion, the administrative load would be high (since to be able to benefit from this, each potential patch maker which would like to have the history tracked would ask for his account and branch for feature A and branch for feature B) and being able to work on a local copy of a repository is still incredibly useful (were you ever wanting to code something when on vacation or in airplane? do you have dialup connection?).

So I've been also looking around for various OpenSource (yes, the favorite here would be certainly BitKeeper, which seems to excellently implement most of these ideas) tools which would be able to accomplish at least a part of this. Also it should be able to use CVS-compatible interface at least for an readonly access --- 95% (or more) of OpenSource people out there just use CVS and I want them to be still able to easily track the latest ELinks tree.

The first obvious candidate was SubVersion, but the intelligent merging is mandatory for me and svn looks to entirely miss that kind of thing, unfortunately; also, I didn't look at the code but I tend to usually trust Al Viro regarding it ;-). But when forgetting SubVersion, there's frankly not much out there I've found. There's OpenCM, which misses most of the mandatory features listed above, though. Looking at Perforce, I've found only marketing talks and no real list of features which matter. A few other projects lacked any easily accessible features list at all. Anyway, the promising projects are Aegis (from what I saw at web, it is almost ideal; its problem is that the documentation is in .pdf only, which is a highly hostile document format for me) and arch (I'm not sure if that one would be that easy to have CVS frontend).

First I've thought about writing some version managment system reasonable for me from scratch, but now I hope I could adapt and possibly extend (if it has already the most fundamental features, things like metadata tracking or CVS frontend [provided that the underlying concepts aren't *TOO* different] shouldn't be that easy) either Aegis or arch. I will check them out tommorow and we will see if there will come anything out from it ;-). Do you have any other tips for good tools? Or any suggestions regarding my working "Pasky's Ideal Versioning System Features Specification"?

Oh, look, I've been *again* writing too much. I should rather sleep, cure from illness, not forget to take Bromhexin regularly. And...

Don't forget to water the flowers! Don't forget to water the flowers!
Filling long delays Wed Feb 12 02:13:32 2003

Kick me, bite me, cry at me. I should be writing to the weblog more regularly, and I hope I will do so again. I feel a little ashamed for myself not bringing myself to keep my duty of keeping this up-to-date :-) and for you (at least some of you) actually checking regularly if I already wrote anything new. Hmh, nothing so interesting is happenning all the days long lately, I'm still ill (yes it returned with renewed power, I'm suffering mainly from cough now, with few drops of flu). Otherwise it's still almost same...

Doing my daily hacking. I moved from ELusive (and ELinks completely) for now, and I'm focusing on processing my Linux Kernel TODO list. I refreshed and updated the documentation I maintain in 2.5 series (kernel-parameters.txt and magic-numbers.txt), updated my kconfig patches (I should fix the other stuff mentioned by Roman lately again) and then I wanted to develop something real ;-) --- that is security levels. But on what machine? I'm certainly not going to give my only workstation to 2.5 kernel and certainly not if it contains mine development patches ;-). So I started to look how to cheaply (preferrably for free :) get some decent older computer and simultanously I'm playing with UML. I told myself "it's fine for this stuff, let's use it". Then I brought it to boot and discovered that essential stuff (mainly hostfs support) was just missing. So I spent few days in the past writing UML patches, so that I could use it and be happy with it. I finished today, so now I can go to the main security levels development. Note that you can see my actual (usually non-applied-yet) patches here.

I'm playing the piano, almost daily. I can play the first part of the Elise quite well already, with both hands. Also the guitar etude is going pretty well (I love keyboards altough they must look pathetic from perspective of those who really know how to play on piano ;), there're tough parts yet, though. The third thing I'm practicing is Rondo Alla Turca, and I didn't get over the first repetition yet ;-) --- I'm focusing on both hands play there, it's much more difficult than the first part of Elise because you actually play with the hands simultanously, and something different with each one. I can do already relatively nicely (from my perspective), though. I will practice this part a little more yet, and move on to the next repetition :). I still look forward for practicing of BWV 565 (J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor), but I didn't get (free) note sheets for it yet, the Internet stays mostly silent regarding this for this particular stuff, dunno why :-(. Well I got one .pdf but it's displayed broken in gv, I will have to try it in Acrobat Reader at the other computer yet.

We're having holiday for a week now here (and maybe it will get longer because cold epidemy is spreading over CZ, I can't really say I'm unhappy from it ;-), so at least I won't miss too much hours in school. Gaining upon in the school will be a dreep anyway. I've met Clock (one of the Links co-authors) finally, although only over IRC --- it's quite a nice guy, even when being a little... racy ;-). I will also hopefully have more money in my operational + collecting_for_Zaurus account soon, I've finished some mailserver reinstallation for one germany company and I'll be hopefully contacted from GTS about some software work soon, let's see.

Other than that, I got quite a lot of presents (books mostly; in English mostly; Shakespeare mostly) at delayed birthday commemoration in my grandparents' house; from both them and various people related with me in a way. I started with Dickens, and I'm going through slower than usual, mainly because I don't read that intensively and mainly because I want to actually really enjoy this reading. Oh and it's in great old-like beautyful bookbinding, made from leather, golden crop of pages, old-style book work, just great for my romantic soul >:). Anyway it's a book you're not going to carry in your pocket and reading just all the time (like I frequently do). It contains four novels, I'm still reading the first one, Great Expectations. I think I won't put Dickens to my readlist here since it IMHO does make a little sense. Since I'm already reading it and I would remove it soon again anyway.

Ok, so the recipe of universe is actualized again. I can see (as Rik van Riel does ;] anyway idling at #offtopic @ OFTC [I hope it's spelled that way, I always misspel that :^] can be indeed interesting) another Nobel prize flying in certain direction already :-). Actually I was reading something about determinance vs. non-determinance of human mind and "free will" in the context of quantum physics, it was an interesting paper --- it emphasizes that uncertainity in the wave function is requisite, but not sufficient requirement!
[morale] It's true that we frequently assume things because we could, not because we can; we should bear it in mind. Anyway, I still believe in "free will" as much as I believe in God :-) (it's tied anyway, IMHO; I did never grasp the sense of believing in God (in a sane way) and the determinism).

What a relief in fact is writing weblog entry again. How could I survive without it? ;-) I hope I will write more frequently again, but I can't really promise since nothing much interesting is probably going to happen. I've a lot of thoughts accumulated and I should post them here in separate writeups, but I'm lazy and think I should spend my time better when about writing something (even when I won't anyway).

Nothing Sun Feb 2 23:18:57 2003

Ok, sorry for not writing for so long time. I wasn't quite in a writing mood, I was mostly in a "void" mood anyway. I was playing piano a lot, did some reading and from thursday I was travelling - to Prague and back in three days. My sickness is returning slightly so I won't write much today, I just really don't feel like that. Like my thoughts are hitting some invisible mind barrier, annoying. If you wanted to know something special, you are out of luck these days. No progress on ELinks, no progress on anything, I'm at the down side of my productivity sinusoide.

Emotionalist Tue Jan 28 01:16:12 2003

I don't do very much anything lately. Trying to learn basics of piano playing, but trying to do different stuff with each hand is giving me headaches ;-) --- but that is a signal for me that this is actually really useful for me, I improve. And I can't say I don't like music even though I hated when I was learning to play cello when I was yet little (until about 12, IIRC; then I dropped that thing finally). And I chose piano because I like its sound, it's not that exotic, it may be useful and generally I can possibly easily play electronic music through it, just connecting some keyboard to MIDI. That's also the final impulse which got me to start trying the stuff. And it's not impossible to learn, one just has to practice. I wonder for how long I will keep up.

I'm thinking about doublelicensing of the ELusive --- basically only me and Jonas was touching it yet (plus IIRC one commit by zas), thus it should be easy to do yet. I want to make it possible for more people to use it, even those who don't want to opensource their stuff (I'm kind of pragmatic and a little sceptic maybe here, and I think that some people are just never going to, they want to make money; less of them the better, but they are probably going to prevail). So why not? They could still include ELusive without GPL'ing their software, but they would have to make proper credits and eventually donate something to the development (as dictated by the alternative license). But I'm still not sure on the donations being required and it also brings some technical difficulties (ie. how to dictate how to realize them, how to realize them etc ;). Will have to think more about that yet.

I'm pretty emotional and probably oversensitive, which is then strangely mixturing with somehow pragmatic and rational access to some issues (which I'm subconsciously unhappy from, though). Particularily movies are frequently bringing me to strange moods, frequently joy, then compassionation, resulting in sadness and possibly ending in some strange form of depression resulting from queued feelings. This evening I watched a movie in the film club at TV --- I don't even know its name. It was about some little Yugoslavian boy from start of 50th. And I think it was really a masterpiece, balanced mixture of everything, lyric-epic novel about unusual life story of this boy, balanced mixture of happiness and sadness, balanced mixture of good and bad and good and evil, balanced mixture of love and hate. And wisdom a little boy may carry through the world of adults. I think I will have to get that film's name.

Hmh, hell, why I'm writing this to a public weblog?! ;-) Tsk. I will have to consider creating a private section of weblog.

Universe outage in ten minutes, please stand by Sun Jan 26 00:36:51 2003

Funny (maybe not so much for a lot of people, admitelly), everything is stopping to work today. First, the internet was hit hardly by yet another worm burning the backbones (nice summary). Then, one of the boxes I maintain remotely decided to crash on head and I wonder if it will ever recover yet. And then, CT (Czech TV, Czech national public TV [you know, non-commercial one ;) - how to say in English?]) blew up somehow and in most of CZ (apparently?) you could see only a black screen for more than two hours (not sure how long exactly) in the prime time (from 20:15). Cute. And both of its channels. I think someone lost his job this evening.

I've got catched by Advogato this evening - I created my account and spawned records for ELinks and irssi. It looks like a quite nice community centre for the open source developers, but I think some things are yet missing from it being really a place for people to hang at. I will shape my ideas to more depth later. Anyway, it's annoying to have to wait for that long time to be raised from the Observer plebs to something at least like Apprentice, Journeyer is better ;-). IMHO it's bad that you can't tie yourself with the various projects others than the ones you created --- the edit restrictions are obviously sane but this one doesn't make much sense (permission to edit these relations by some highly rated people is good, though) and it makes it harder for the new community members to take off since they can't show what are they affiliated with. And the restrictions etc are not documented at all. Oh well, I think I could maybe contribute to Advogato a little... :^)

Missed day Sat Jan 25 15:51:51 2003

Hmm. I missed record for yesterday, it looks. Well, first I want to write that hopefully that person will send me the reason thing. I was really quite happy to see that, altough I maybe didn't intimate that much. Otherwise it wasn't particularily interesting day, other than I installed BEAST and it looks quite nice for some music composing, altough it's maybe a little inconvient. I also tried amSynth but it isn't usable without midi at all :-(. Oh ovbiously were doing some ELinks (ELusive) hacking, but I wasn't catched by it yesterday, I will have to do some design changes in the renderer which won't anyway bring any visible effect but they are required. Uff. I will maybe do it today or tommorow. Anyway, I should fix the bookmarks loading bug in ELinks 0.4 reported by Peter Wang... noone else noticed it so far, funny. I will probably release ELinks-0.4.2 tommorow.

Today I feel much worse than yesterday, dunno why. I was sleeping for more than 12 hours and I feel really sick. Well I hope it will get better again. Today, sister has her name day, so there will be a celebration at evening. I unfortunately have no presents for her, since I was sick and I was expecting to buy some toys this week ;-(. I feel guilty...

I hope I will start to record some of my thoughts after I will cure somehow, so that this weblog will be worth reading for someone ;-). Somehow they refuse to move from my mind to computer, and formulating thoughts effectively can be tiring sometimes.

I will probably go try to compose some music. The problem is that I have to get some music hearing to be able to estimate to what tones put the notes and how long they should be. Oh and some nice idea in mind --- when I try to compose something, I focus on the immediate part of the idea and then the rest will just... evaporate. And anyway the result does never sound quite like in my mind.

Perturbations of one's soul Fri Jan 24 04:25:00 2003

Hmh. Well it's starting to be really uniform ;-). Mix of reading and coding, depending on my immediate feeling. Aside of that I've though made some re-investigations about the music composing software out there. I was relying a lot on someone making over the "reason" software to me and I was really looking forward for it, altough it was being postponed again and again. But today it became clear that it's just not going to happen; that's making me sad and even depressed a little, since I'm certainly not going to get anything near in quality of that thing, and I must give up my hopes for some time yet.

Maybe it's happenning to you too, like listening to an infinite stream of music, neverending melody filling the time-space continuum. And I've (especially sometimes) really big desire to record that music, however my problem is that I'm particularily bad on that - when I try to drop some notes, the result is unusable; I don't know how to play on piano; and I have currently no software to use. But I'm right now collecting various packages found on the net and trying them, if something isn't at least a little usable, just in case. The problem will still be banks, though. Well, I also think about trying to learn the piano yet, since it's something I would really wish to play on.

It's a sad thing but you have to do that all the time. Distributing your hopes to higher number of distinct stuff. This way if the hope fails, you're not that down. You just can't rely on the other people 100% almost never (altough I think that learning the confidence is very important for one's personality; to trust! more on that another time), precisely for the reason that they are people. Even if they are good friends (at least you consider them so), they may not do what you hope for and they can disappoint you gravely, even when not aware of that at all. They may care about different things at the time and you want to tax them but you really can't. So your sorrow cumulates, it incurves to itself and propagates back to yourself, resulting in a kind of depression. If you don't want to touch your brain's chemistry, you can prevent recursion only by going even further downwards, touching your own soul with the sadness, and then you start to finally get back up like that cartoon character in a hot-air balloon. And you wave to the people at ground.

It's disturbing when some people are trying to explain you their thoughts while you were just finished by describing the identical (or almost identical) ideas to others, but one must be patient, forgiving and tolerant --- they mean it in good and it's obvious that they can have no idea (except that they could probably read what one writes to a mailing list they are subscribed to ;). It's sometimes difficult to keep that on mind all the time, but I hope I manage to do relatively well. Maintaining people can be much worse than maintaining software, it's still a part of project maintaining though and one has to do it. Ideally so that the people don't notice at all :^). It's a matter of synchronizing various contradicting ideas, politely ruling out the ones you really strongly dislike, hopefully without pissing off their originator too much. The cooperation.

ELinks saw 0.4.2rc2 today and various tiny bugfixes in its suite following it ;-). But things are stabilizing slowly already and the mysteries are at least partially cleaning up --- it turns out that Jose's overflow problems disappear when async DNS is turned off and some mysterious problems I was watching before disappeared with the latest fixes. Also I slowly continue in my ELusive pilgrimage, trying desperately to learn layouter to support incremental layouting - I had to give up on a nice elegant recursion over a tree for that ;-(.

Late night Thu Jan 23 04:33:14 2003

Hmh. I stayed up for really extraordanily long time today, given the fact that I'm still ill and not feeling good at all. Anyway, I hope I will get better. I will be again rather brief now, since I'm really tired and sleepy already.

I've read a lot today again, also I was fixing my v6 connectivity (that linux is evil, its buffers were apparently having certain problems with 800 interfaces and some 4000 routes or so... tsk tsk) and looking for some music in the wild. Another power outage hit me today, it's getting pretty annoying :-/... at least we didn't need to restart the router manually this time.

At the evening I was watching some really interesting documentary film block ("evening on the theme of...", "human and machine"). In the first part there was an overview about what the current robots can do in the world, what are the current trends etc. Mostly commonly known facts but some things I didn't know. Then there was a document about MUDr. Tyl, who propagates EEG biofeedback and prenatal stimulation in CZ. Also very interesting, I liked the cars driven by brain waves ;-). Reminds me of the OpenEEG project and our (my and thement's) plans to build own homegrown EEG. Then there was something about robots in CZ and then a documentary film about robotics and cybernetics overally --- 'twas from 1980, though. It was really pretty funny to see their vision of the future (on the other side, it wasn't that distant from the reality) mixed with the images of huge supercomputers and ideological background about moving the centre of mankind development to Moscow. I hope I will be able to summarize my thoughts about all this stuff soon in another article...

At the night I was hacking ELinks. First I finally finished the smart download dialog (altough there're some bugs there which I yet have to fix! oh and I forgot already... good that I keep a weblog ;), it works relatively nice altough its form isn't that cool (it'd be confusing otherwise, though, so..). Then I tried to review some tiny snippets of possibly problematic code, and that resulted in move of some download resuming logic to a different, much safer and more appropriate part of code. Then I emptied my patch queue and look: 0.4.2rc1 is born. I will fix that smart download bug tommorow, do 0.4.2rc2 and announce it properly. I decided to release a rc first since some changes (especially the smart download) aren't tested well at all and I want to get some testing before releasing a stable final release. And stable CVS isn't likely to get that much audience these days.

Uff. Forgot to get my pill of peniciline at midnight. Ok, we'll play with the rythm of ingestion a little.

National telegraphic Wed Jan 22 01:57:56 2003

Only very briefly and retrospectively. Spent only minimal of the supposed time by finishing the ELinks thing, I wasn't really feeling like that so I did only the part of that smart download job right now (committed already). I spent the evening by watching TV (there were some interesting documents running there), most of the day I spent by reading the Physics stuff. I visited doc, she told me to come back after a week and gave me peniciline --- I'm so happy to cultivate even more resistant sort of bacteries. They'll once kill us all.

Reconsider importance and nature of gravity, exploit the loneliness feelings, train patience, speed and strategy of tetrinet. Think more about the nature changing in the middle time periods. Add Avalon to the readlist. Watch the again-growing ELinks queue with more fear. Audit sensitive parts of ELinks download code, since there are bugs there. Consider making a TODO list module for the weblog. Look again for the possibilites to get the reason music composition software.

Dummy day Mon Jan 20 22:44:30 2003

Rather dummy day; my 6574th day though, which happens to be start of my 18th year of life. How peculiar...? I'm still balancing on the edge of illness, especially my neck decided to fight against anything going down. And the usual flu symptomps all around. I didn't get to the doctor today after all, I'll try to set that right tommorow.

It's interesting, I have a big strange time shift, starting from about 19:00. Now I feel like it would be either 20:00 or 23:30 or so, but it's a while after 22:00! I usually don't experience that unless I get up at 15:00, but today I got up at 10:00 ;-). It's like a little while passed without noticing my biological hours. Pff. Time is subjective, and we all know it, how fissie likes to say. Probably something telling me to readjust something. Maybe my feelings (see below) reflecting in a strange way.

I'm thinking a lot about the theory of field now, and also learning stuff about the standard cosmologic theory and the private life of the elementar particles. I'm thinking about behaviour resembling for gravity and EM fields and if the gravity field couldn't be made more ... interesting. If I could discover if I can surpress EM field at some place of prostor, I could maybe do a similiar thing with gravity field. Oh well I could.. "eat" gravitons (or reflect them), if I could only catch them. If EM field has fotons, why G field couldn't have gravitons, after all? I will have to consult more. And read more.

I was doing some bits of ELinks hacking today as well. Especially after some ... a little heated debate with Zas and Jonas about vararg macros and ANSI C compilance, I did bunch of portability fixes and tried to fill gaps between ELinks and ANSI C. There's still a problem with sigaction(), though :-(. I will leave it for now, though. And I yet have to make use of our own (I should say Samba's ;) snprintf implementation I committed today. I'm working on that smart resuming thing just now, it won't be that terrible as I thought when I first had a look at it this afternoon. I will probably give it a final kick after shower and shave.

This evening it was also my birthday commemoration^Wcelebration. It's funny that I never did that kind of thing like going out iterating thru pubs or just celebrating with friends; I'm a loner from a large part, and that thing didn't even ever interest me. Also I like not to emphasize this kind of thing, okay it's ok to spent hour with family to eat the cake etc, but why anything more? It's just birthday. Maybe I'm unable to really enjoy myself, I wonder why I'm so closed? *shrug* Anyway, I've mixed feelings from it. It was quite nice, they surprised me with one thing I wished a little but didn't really expect to get, and the atmosphere was just fine. It was warming to see that there are people who care. Then my worse myself strikes, selfish and rational, whining about not getting that book it wanted so desperately. And that striked me, I'm feeling ashamed about this feeling, actually caring more about objects than about people. That's too bad. The other side of being a loner, maybe?

I should get some money. Do you know about any programming-related job (NOT fulltime and if possible doable remotely), just in case...? ;-) No, you're probably not reading this anyway, so what. I must be resistent to the world, armored against the bad feelings and depressions (it's funny they are flowing around when I'm supposed to be merry, happy, smiling).

Duality Sun Jan 19 23:28:06 2003

Consciousness. My head. Pressure. My head aching. Burning neck. Eyes. Open attempt #1 failed. Open attempt #2 failed. Open attempt #3 successful. My eyes burning. Blink. Blink blink. Ouch. 1000mg of Paracetamolum, 500mg of ascorb acid. Tea, hot. Radio on. Eyes closed. Consciousnes idea revisited, sleep. Consciousness. Eyes open. Headache. Book, Physics. Radio off. Book open. Read.

I decided to skip my political rants for today, I'll store the thoughts and cultivate them under the hat instead of pouring them carelessly all around. And I can't focus much, I have my head full of ideas and I'm also tired somehow; strange. I just can't focus, can't focus, my brain is switching itself to standby eyes--defocus muscles--relaxed mode all the time. So I'll be brief today and then move back to bed. Steven Weinberg waiting for me there with First Three Minutes [of the Universe].

I've got a strange idea of interesting concept, when I was reading some brief explanations of the quantum theory. I think it had to come on mind of a lot of physicists and it must be somehow fundamentally flawed, but I think it would work and the results would be equal for the experiments. Basically, you probably know the concept of a particle in the theory --- the particle is dual: sometimes it behaves like a particle, but sometimes it behaves like a wave. It's solved by somehow not satifying statistical method and principle of random --- you can say with how big probability the particle can be where you look at but you can't say it for certain since it just behaves random. The obvious solution I think about is that the particle takes a wave trajectory: it copies a sinusoide. This would still answer the interference and refraction effects but it would also give us much clearer idea about what the hell really happens inside and that it's not just a chaos, and that given we know the starting phase we can determine the electron position with a certainity. I will have to think about it a lot yet, though, and especially read more literature about all this stuff. When I asked some people, they just told me to dump all the quantum theory and look at superstrings. Hrmpf. Well, step by step.

It's interesting to watch people's behaviour on IRC --- to how much degree it copies the real human society, probably kind of tribe, and where it deviates to both extremes. People getting depressed, hysterical, nervous, amused, careless, irresponsible. They nod when you tell them It's just IRC and in a minute they are getting mad about something again. I always tried hard to take IRC as an interesting experience, more-or-less free trial for the society behaviour. You can mostly safely observe people behaviour and you can learn for it. You will know something more about how people fail and also how you fail and learn from it, if you want. Then it reflects in the real society and you can get along with people much easier, I believe, since you learned for what reasons they kicked you at IRC and what you should not do. No, I don't mean concrete reasons like flooding, but the abstract motions behind them, like shouting and trying to get focus on oneself for all costs. You can learn modesty, humility and especially "ability to overview the situation from bird's perspective" (no idea how to say this in English by one work, neither has my dictionary). But if you refuse to learn, if you choose the wrong path and if your priorities don't self-arange well, you will learn agressivity, incursivity, derogation. It's up to you to choose, the IRC is double-edged sword like everything else. Sad to see that so many people don't see the both edges.

Speaking of IRC, it's somehow tiring to watch this strange behaviour. When I'm connected over IPv6 to (and this problem occurs only to this one server), ICMP goes thru fine, UDP goes thru fine, but when _any_ packet gets lost in TCP communication, it's a big problem --- the communication freezes for a long time, they must have RTT set to some astronomically high value or so, I think. It's really annoying, when combined with our usual instability of XS26 routing ;-). I think I will have to catch jv and talk with him. I hope we'll be able to solve this soon since average lag 300s isn't really that nice (especially since the traffic comes in 150-messages-in-a-pack compact chunks).

I was playing tetrinet after about half a year again, and I discovered how much I suck. First, I played with x-only, then for a while with Zarb as well and then again with x-only only. Slowly I got into it but still the time is visible and I'm yet far from that good how I was before the months. But anyway it looks x-only is good nowadays. I will try to watch his play more closely the next time when I will have it more in my fingers.

Zarb wrote first real reaction to my rant ever! ;-) If someone will ever follow, I will probably feel obliged to enhance that process a little, especially setting a cookie which will make the browser remember the last credentials you entered to that form about yourself. Maybe sometimes also sending the replies back to your mail. Zarb tried to convince me to move to or how it's named like; she meant it well but I won't give up my own engine so easily ;-). Especially I like the readlist and bookmarks I can place here, and fortunes. And since it's all mine, I can extend it with whatever further unusual ideas I will dream out later. Oh and I think I couldn't live without that vim backend I use for writing all the records :-).

Kicked ELinks today again a little, actually implemented the nice graphical frames in the hiearchic listboxes (ie. bookmarks), also introduced that --default-mime-type commandline option, implemented some few minor features and mainly ate the patch queue --- it's empty now, empty! ;-) Now I will only implement that smart resuming dialog and then I can roll 0.4.2 out of the doors. Still two mysterious bugs are annoying me though --- sometimes (probably?) the resolver overflows at some unknown point and Jose's ELinks crashes to the free() cliff. I was unfortunately never able to reproduce this myself :-(. The second bug causes ELinks to fail to resolve a server when it runs on FreeBSD and it is behind a transparent proxy - if it's directly on the net or if it's using the proxy, everything works fine. A complete mystery. Hrmpf... Oh and Jonas started to *finally* commit his ELusive patches, that's very nice to see. The first bones of CSS parser are showing up together with some generic parser improvements. I really look forward for it being complete.

After all the birthday commemoration was postponed for tommorow (my real birthday date ;-), so I will have to wait for the cake for a while yet and especially for the book. At least I'll hopefully finish that Weineberg in my bed before :^) and I will not start parallel reading (since I don't really expect holding myself from immedially starting to read about the golden braid [see yesterday article]).

I will probably visit doctor tommorow, which means getting up at 9 o'clock and then getting out to the fresh air and so on, I'm really so happy from all that :/. But the result is excuse for school, not all *that* bad (no, I'm not going to school tommorow after all; I feel too bad... indeed it will be worse when I'll fully realize that the CD with that great Rammstein song is not coming that soon bundled with The Two Towers; makes me sick, sad, depressed, go away! ;p ). And I'll keep myself from being too lazy. And have a reason for going to bed now and taking a good long sleep.

Ideas not edited for brevity Sat Jan 18 19:38:34 2003

Hmm. Still feeling quite bad, altough the headache isn't so terrible anymore at least. It moves mainly to my neck, burning actually ;p. So I was enjoying most of this day in bed, processing the readlist ;-). I'll have to update the percentual progresses, and I finished Czech version of Einstein's Physics as an Adventure of Knowledge. Also listening to radio and hacking a little.

Fun is going on in politics these days. We are going thru the first real president election in our whole history. Oh yes, Czech Republic has been republic for a long time already, but the president elections were rather formal --- in the period of so-called First Republic (1918 -- 1939), the candidate was always T. G. Masaryk, de-facto Czechoslovakia founder. And when he fulfilled his quota, his successor E. Benes was fairly obvious as well. Then nacistic occupitation came, then E. Benes was president again, and at 1948 *poof*, revolution. The further presidents up to 1989 were elected by Politbyro (Political Bureau) of Czechoslovakia Communist Party and AFAIK there weren't any big surprises there as well. And after 1989, the candidate was always clear again, and it was Vaclav Havel (BTW he is actually the most "divergent" president in world --- first, he was president of Czechoslovakian Socialistic Republic, then he represented Czech and Slovak Federative Republic and now he's head of Czech Republic). But his function time limit hit him as well, and now here's a problem, because noone really has an idea who should be the next president --- there are no obvious commonly accepted candidates. So the elections are really interesting and tense ;-).

Finally kicked ELinks again today. Processed some of my patch queue and also implemented some usable ELusive text renderer plus I did couple of fixes in the syntree layouter. I think I'll slowly look at ELinks-0.4.2 release after finishing the patch queue; on the other side, I would like to implement better download dialog before --- so that if the file exists, you can decide whether to overwrite it, resume the download or save to an alternate file etc. Oh and I should make it possible to easily modify from the commandline, so that you can convience ELinks that what you are trying to dump is really HTML. For 0.5, I shouldn't forget about that HTTP/0.9 support (hey, it ought to be really easy, why I'm postponing it for so long?) and the next work regarding ELusive to do is ELusification of the Mikulas' HTML engine and then complete ELusification of the text viewer. (I already hacked something regarding the dump viewer, altough it's not committed yet.)

I keep forgetting. Really, my memory is bad. Bad. I can stuff the relations into myself (especially when using them), but they tend to disappear soon when I stop using them, surprisingly and uneasily soon :-(. It's even worse with the objects (or name it facts, whatever; I'm a programmer) --- I can't remember them that well as relations and they disappear even sooner. I'm hitting it all the time, not being able to remember things I think I just should. Or look at this weblog, I had perfect draft of some interesting thought to elaborate about today, but literally nothing from it survived for these three hours. *frown*

Strange things were happenning with my mailservers today. First, cucipop decided to went mad at night, plainly mysteriously not being able to lock one mailbox for a hour or so, which resulted in tons of duplicate mails being blidnly downloaded by the client (since it relies on them being deleted on the server). Well, I placed some random syslog() calls to the relevant part of cucipop source, we'll see what exactly is going wrong when it happens the next time. The second thing I discovered a while later; one mailserver has very displeasing gap in its mail logs, sudden jump from 02:18 to 14:26. So what, you say, no mails were sent in the middletime. But one mail was sent to one list, it was sent to unknown part of address list (but certainly widely incomplete) and it was at 13:36. Great great great. Well, let's hope it won't happen again and that nothing really evil went on there.

I'm looking forward for my birthday (coming in two days) --- tommorow evening I could (if all goes well) receive my Holy Grail, Douglas Hofstadter: Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. I really wonder how I will like it, but from what I heard, I should; much. Looks like I'll pass the birthday ill, but I don't really mind. I'll be able to eat the cake and that's important :^).

It would be so nice to have Zaurus (PDA based on ARM running Linux), especially but not really only when being ill. I could calmly read tons of books anywhere, even in English; paper books are expensive, not too portable and especially real pain to get, especially in English; sometimes it can be much easier with their digital versions. Also I thought about possibility to make my school notes to it, dunno; I will have to try (when i'll get it).

Let's see how many typos I will produce in this rant --- when looking back to the yesterday one, I see a lot of both typos and clear grammar errors, I'm just too lazy to fix them. Maybe that's bad and it would improve my English more rapidly, but still I'm lazy ;-). Anyway, I should probably produce shorter rants, dividing and scheduling my ideas and then maybe elaborating them more instead of passing them in huge mangled balls all at once. But I'm not too good in scheduling (well, I can schedule; I have to divert then, though) and I can better write about things I have on mind than about themes my memory (either my mind or my notepad) will throw at me. Anyway, even now when closing this record, I've still storm of more ideas I could write about in my head. It's good to learn the art of selection, though. Brevity can be a great thing but a lot of people just don't know how to do it (certainly at least partially including me, admittelly).

Oh, you see? I just can't end writing ;-).

Mrs. Flu meets divergency Fri Jan 17 16:08:14 2003

Terrible. I got up ... and was immediatelly knocked back down by a terrible headache, eyes burning *kerchoo* *kerchoo*. You know it, it's called a flu. At last, I slowly ordered myself at least somehow and departed for school, since we were having a quite important (so-called "half-year") math exam. Uff. The headache came back, math exam time limit was too short, the Physical Education was a continuous nightmare (even given that I excused myself from actually doing anything) and History & Civics ... well ;-). I played Go (well, bastardized cross-section paper version) during the last two hours with my mate in dock (in Czech schools, the desks are usually for two people abreast; in our classroom, we also have them in three long lines side by side; you don't get bored that easily during classes then ;). And I got terribly beaten up, losting one big region because I overlooked one innocent stone. Hrmpf. I'm excusing myself at least that I'm totally unable to focus.

I've heard a really nice song today, it's something from Rammstein. Usually, the harder kinds are just not my styles, but this one I really liked - it represented some interesting kind of "filled" equilibrium, the electric guitar was not just an ugly disharmonic element in this song, but it filled the space by a compact mass forming regular periodic patterns from the carrier waves. The vocals fitted this perfectly as well, embossed in the mass and forming it to a defined result (altough I don't understand German at all, so I've no idea what the song was about). I have to get this song somewhere.

I was thinking about the need for divergency today. I'm actually doing pretty well in History, it looks, altough it's not really my primary area of interest. While my primary choice is clear, I would like to do so many things in my life. I would like to be a mathematican, physician, astronomer, journalist, writer, underground / bus / train driver, I would like even to try to be a politician once, maybe just for a short time to discover how really rotten politics is.

I should maybe also maintain divergency in my software life. Maybe I'm focusing on ELinks too much; on the other side, it's really my software of choice, it's my pet, I invested long weeks of intensive coding to it, and altough kernel hacking may be more interesting, it just doesn't excite me that much right now. So I subscribed myself to putting ELusive ahead by few steps again this evening, and I will maybe then do several other minor things which were waiting for me. Oh and here is that long patches queue. Someone should really go through it, and it's going to be me *sigh* ;-).

Now I will try to relax a little, starting recovery proccess (obviously reading while immunite system will do its part of work). Then StarTrek is waiting for me, and then we'll see. Maybe I'll get some sleep first, but I'll try to do that ELusive thing today. I'm actually looking forward it, so what.


Weblog thoughts (math exam memories remix) Thu Jan 16 21:11:26 2003

My bodements are fulfilling. I spent all the time (until now) by hacking the weblog, I think about the weblog, I consider various stuff to touch in the weblog, I improve the weblog, I'm catched with the weblog. That's definitively a bad sign, since when I'm fanatic about something, it means that my energy dedicated to it is going to run out soon and nothing is going to remain. Let's prove the opposite now :^).

So I've added some new cute stuff - aside of fortunization (there're 78 fortunes from my notepad [interesting stuff what I saw somewhere and decided to preserve for my children ;] in db now and one is then randomly chosen and displayed at the top of the main page; under the more wisdom link, you can get more of them) and some details, now each article has also own page where you can even post some own reactions / thoughts / comments / whatever. Not that I would expect anyone to, but I was just bored and this idea refused to get out from my mind. No, I didn't test whether it works, why?

It's interesting, when I was doing any project, my private goal was to make it open, make it available for others. The primary motivation was in fact a little selfish, to make others do as many work as possible for me ;-). I can't say it really worked bad, and I don't expect it will work bad in the future neither. But this is really different, this is not a community project primarily (well, on the other side I still want stuff I build to give some news to me back, that's why I created the simple discussion stuff). I build the engine entirely just to suit my needs for publishing, and it's in fact a new experience for me ;-). And I can't say it's that bad. There are already some easter eggs in the engine (one of the advantages), I wonder if you will find any >:).

The school stuff went relatively well --- the Biology exam was just fine, full success. The Czech exam was a little worse, I missed few of the facts, but I think the mistakes aren't too serious. And the Math exam wasn't as trivial as I thought --- I got burnt (just a little, though ;-). In the second part, I forgot about one detail in the "specification" (writing is good for discovering of gaps in my English knowledge and dictionaries) so I got one of the solutions wrong --- the other one was correct only partially, since I thought I just made some little inaccuracy while I connected opposite vertexes of two different solutions. Embarrassing.

This is really a lazy day, I can't think about doing any real work. Strange. On the other side, at least I will make some real progress in reading, I hope. And didn't read the MegaTokyo strips tommorow yet, I should catch on that one finally.

(Mostly) school rant Wed Jan 15 23:35:22 2003

Uff. So actually I spent two or three hours improving this weblog stuff - the result is relatively usable already, though. I have nice backend tools for managing stuff, and at the front end you can see anchor near each weblog record, some introduction babbling and a bar with links and my readlist (quite long, isn't it?). I think I'll leave the engine again for some time, now I'm relatively happy with it. It was fun to think about how to move table rows around to reorder them how I like, thanks to jezek2 and ^MeBa^ for some suggestions.

This has been a strange day, a little sleepy especially at the school. The exam from the Czech language was postponed to today (by voting of tight majority of class, pff ;-), but I think I can manage it reasonably already. Looks like I'm also going to have fun in Biology, the teacher desire extremely to go through my knowledge of digestion, respiration and vessel system with me, deciding if I'm going to get mark 2 or 3 (1 is best) on the half-year report (you see, I'm quite unfamiliar with this terminology in English; hmh, reminds me that I should really finally go into the capital letters rules in English). Duh, and a math exam in Math/Physics Seminary, but that should be a piece of cake >:) (uhm, well, I hope, well...). So happy that most exams are over already; this half-year was relatively good for me --- well, one trouble less.

I was actually thinking about the mature exam a lot lately. I'm probably going to do it in five subjects instead of usual four --- along of the Czech language, which is mandatory (and which is going to be the really tough one), I'm expecting to try my luck with English (well, the alternative foreign language would be French... ehm) and then Math, Physics and Informatics --- I will probably leave Physics as the fifth one in case there would be any problems; you can give up on the fifth (optional) one yet at the day of the exam from it (but not anymore after you'll pick up a question, obviously). But I believe I can do it all.

I just now remembered that I completely forgot about MegaTokyo for a week or even more --- how shameful! Wondering how's Piro doing, it was getting really interesting in the last strip I saw. And it's interesting for me to read (real Piro)'s rants, actually I sympathetise with him --- I'm frequently having the exactly same troubles with deadlines as him.

I crossed my posting barrier in w3c mailing lists lately, sending out some of my thoughts about the madness they are playing with --- well, not exactly a madness, but you just have to have a feeling from it that it simply isn't done for taking off in the real world, but out there only for the purists which like structured documents. I can sometimes consider myself as one, but I don't think the most of web is so, and it is generally making stuff hard for most of the people without giving them _that_ much back (they are frequently just happy with what they have).

Oh well writing weblogs is really good for me. I got a point on the timeline when I can sort out my thoughts and ideas, and where I can share the parts of myself which noone is in fact interested in, but I've at least a good feeling about it.

Hmh. Ok, Biology time now, bye!

From the weblog to physics and FIFO mind, in only a short course. Wed Jan 15 01:06:29 2003

I should be actually sleeping now, accumulating power and relaxing my mind for the tommorow exam (from czech literature), however I somehow got stuck here reading some slashdot stuff and coding this little thing - now it's only raw and simple display, but that will improve, I hope - I want to put at least a readlist here and some welcome notice, possibly extending it with little web-based interface for me later (currently I'm just typing this in vim, then I will feed this file to along with subject and voila). Also if I will be really bored, I will maybe make the site a little more beautiful. The problem with me is that I frequently lose interest in stuff soon and then it's difficult for me to return. Sometimes I just return by myself (like in case of ELinks), which is already a great relief for me. Too bad I can't focus on one thing more time. I seem to fight with time, seeing how much I want to know, do, accomplish, experience, but still wasting my time for some reason.

Right now I'm experiencing a strange shift in my focus, unexpected but I like it, maybe my life and interests can change (I don't think that, really, just throwing out my thoughts, ideas, hopes ;-). Coming away from ELinks (text-based [currently] web browser) and its ELusive (new generation HTML processing engine, growing nicely; the next time I will write more on that one), I was catched by the marvellous world of physics. Now I'm reading various books about it and I'm just mad about it. And happy from that, actually. Finally something genuinely _real_ (well, more real than cyberspace, at least ;) started to occupy my mind, let's see what will come out. ELinks suspended, my kernel hacking (kconfig menuconfig stuff, mostly) suspended, I'm spending unusual amount of my time reading - happy from that too, I really like reading but wasn't that much lately.

I hope this weblog will also improve my writing skills, now I see what I just wrote and it looks only as an unsorted disordered heap of ideas overlapping each other. FIFO should I make from my mind (when writing weblogs - actually I believe that mixing ideas together can be great frequently when you are thinking about something). G'nite for now. test Wed Jan 15 00:53:34 2003
This is yet another test entry, checking whether my simple adding script works well.
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This is just a test first entry, in order to make sure that everything works properly ;-).

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